Time in the slow lane

October 2014


Here lives a world few others will ever see. An entire place devoid of the normal, filled with the amazing. We may have called this home once, but for now, we are the aliens.

View this place with caution and remember that we are the visitors. This place is precious and we must remember that. For we are the caretakers and we are the key to its future. Tread here carefully - remember it belongs to others whom have no voice but our own.



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Bonaire - a small island in the Caribbean - land home to less than 20,000 including an assortment of burros and goats; yet an ocean home to millions. Come here to find a world like no other as each dive site tells a new story.  A land inhabited throughout the ages by native Indians, the adventurers who created a new world, and peoples displaced from their homeland and imprisoned by others. Yet below the waters is a different story. A thriving world, healthy, teaming with life and perfect to explore and cherish.  This is an odd world, but one more than worthy of our protection.


One which we must protect.



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