The Mountains are Calling...

Maybe it's the altitude... Or maybe it's the cold air on your face. It could be the solitude, the snow capped towers looming over you or just the notion that you're a first hand witness to the power of this glorious planet. Whatever brings you here, it's magical. It's a spell that once trapped, you will never escape.

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John Muir wrote "The Mountains are calling and I must go." How many of us still hear that call - so deeply, so passionately, that we find ourselves inexplicably drawn to these sleeping giants?


On roof of the world; on the shoulders of titans. To gaze up at the colossus, you start to understand your place in the universe.  To stand on the top, you start to understand the universe.


Maybe men can move mountains, but then, mountains will always move men. The beauty, the power, the majesty. Our Earth at its very finest.


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