The death of a god

July 2014


Silence.  That is until the giant awakes and screams in agony as it dies.  Columns collapse - an explosion falling to the water below.  Air, thousands of years old, escapes with a pop as wind and water reduce the giant to just a memory.


This is the land of Odin - the home of the old gods.  We killed those giants - are we killing these ones, too?


Ice Fields of the Svalbard Fjords

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Discuss, debate, argue, disagree...  Whatever the cause of accelerated glacial retreat, there is no denying the incredible feeling of insignificance when standing at the foot of these giants while they crash into thousands of pieces.  The fjords of Svalbard are home to hundreds of these huge ice fields -- over 60% of Spitsbergen is covered by glaciers.  Glaciers are the creators of this world - the massive ice flows that cut the mountains and scared the face of the planet over the course of thousands of years.  Listen carefully and you can hear nature breathe; the creaks and moans of a leviathan struggling until the final moment of defeat.



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