Nudibranchs of Wakatobi

It's a slug - only a slug. But a type of very colorful, almost magical slug, that divers world-wide search out.


To find one is nothing less than finding the best treasure the ocean can offer.

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Ask most underwater photographers what they enjoy shooting the most, and it's a good bet that somewhere near the top of the list is "nudibranch". These mollusks exist in every ocean - including Antarctica, ranging from sizes that are impossible to see with the naked eye, to larger than one's hand. Very few animals share the wide variety of color of this family of gastropods. For these animals, it acts as a defense mechanism warning other animals of poisonous toxins. But one must look closely as the vibrant colors often blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. It takes a sharp eye to find them.


This gallery contains not only nudibranch, but a wide variety of other mollusks including flatworms. All were found in the waters of Sulawesi, Indonesia near the island of Wakatobi.


Slow down, look carefully and you might be lucky while diving. It's amazing the amount of life one can find when one stops to take it all in.



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