Down the Rabbit Hole

The toys of the passion. You start, you can't stop. Addiction.


If you take photos, you know the feeling.


Unboxing a new computer? Who cares. Unboxing a new lens? Hold your breath - oooohhhh... Peel back the paper, unwrapping the lens for that first look. Feel the click as it connects to the body. Turn on, focus, press the shutter and see the results.


It doesn't get much better than this moment.

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It was a Kodak Brownie. A Bullet or maybe the Holiday model? Not sure, but I remember the red, translucent window in the back and being totally mesmerized. I think by the time I found it, it was  lost in the bottom of the toy box stuffed between the Matchbox cars and the discarded Lincoln Logs. But it went to summer camp with me; followed by the prized, family Kodak Instamatic 124 and then my very own Vivatar 110. Those cameras captured the fun of my youth and started this "photography" addiction. By the time middle school rolled around, like most kids of the 80s, it was the Pentax K1000. By the time high school came, I was hooked and had stepped up to a Pentax MX. Instead of the mall, I spent most of my time in the dark room.  I hit 25, it was Canon, 30 were the Nikon years while forty was a bit of Sony followed by Leica.


                                                                                                                           Here's to hoping I bypass that mid-life crisis.


The thrill of trying something new gets dull. Let's be honest - photographers love reading and trying the newest. Or maybe reading and trying the oldest? It can be trying and learning something totally new. Whatever IT is, IT doesn't matter. It's the absolute adventure of trying something different and discovering the results. Push your own boundaries while learning something new. The gear may not make the photographer, but let's be honest, the gear certainly makes it fun -- really, really fun. And a new technique? Now you've discovered an entire world you didn't even know existed.


So what is it really about? Maybe it's the exploration. Or maybe, the discovery. Whatever it is, you're looking at life a bit differently.


A collection of photos that celebrate the first days after a new (or old) love comes into your life.  ~ C.


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