Big Sur

Here is where the land crashes to the sea. This is a last remnant of an untamed wilderness where nature still rules the day. This is a land of such profound beauty, both above and below, as to ensure its own survival.

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In a state bursting to capacity, where the right to call coastal areas "home" can cost millions and involve prolonged court cases, Big Sur remains a throwback to the past. Arguably, this is the last "wild" area of the Golden State - unfettered by beach houses and strip malls - home to a variety of animals, plants and marine life. Here is where you'll find waters untouched by fishing boats, condors in the skies above, whales and sea otters in the waters below.


Walk cautiously here and celebrate the beauty. And then, applaud those that fought long and hard to keep this place wild. How lucky we are to bear witness to such a wonderful place and leave knowing this is a place deserving of both our awe, and of our protection.



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