roaming goat [ˈrəʊmɪŋ ɡəʊt]: a short, hollow-horned, cranky ruminant that refuses to stay home

Cindy: A goat that loves taking photos both above and below.


I am passionate about living life outside a box while celebrating places, people and animals few will ever see.


Diving, hiking and traveling brings a new understanding to the plight of many cultures, species and habitats on the verge of being lost forever.  Take the time to get away from the normal and find the extraordinary - the reality of a world instead of the place they want us to see.


You may find a new perspective.


If we do nothing, we only have ourselves to blame when we have nothing.  Maybe through a picture, we can create change.


That is why I take pictures - to create change.  That is what this website is about.


Or, maybe it's just to find cake.

Photo by Tammy McCorkle - © 2014

Many journeys. One great adventure.

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Not baaaad enough to be a goat—and not hip enough for an alias, I’ll stick with my birth name.


First introduction to photography at age 7 when I inherited my Grandfather's Rolliflex. I was left to my own and, ever since, have not been able to correct the errors of my youth.


Hell—I’m just here for the cake.

Photo by C. Dugger - © 2014

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